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Find Your Foundation Shade!
In natural sunlight, look at your inner wrist to see if your veins look green, blue, or purple. If green, you have yellow in your skin and therefore you have a warm undertone; if blue, you're probably neutral; if purple, you're cool.

Another way is to hold up a white piece of paper or cloth and compare it against your skin tone.

If you're a typical fair-skinned Irish person with red hair and freckles, you're most likely cool. Stand next to this person to see what your skin color looks like.

If you're an Asian or Mediterranean with an olive skin tone, you're considered warm. Golden undertone is also warm, but there are all shorts of varying warm shades - you can be olive (more green), golden, or peachy warm.

If you just can't tell what color you are, then start with a neutral shade. Most caucasians fall into some type of neutral to slightly warm shade.

Also, to get the most natural look, match your makeup color to your neck so that it blends in to the rest of your upper body.

Foundation Shade Chart

(Cool Pink)
Rosy Beige
(Warm Pink)
Fair Cool Foundation
Fair Cool
Fair Neutral Foundation
Fair Neutral
Fair Rosy Beige Foundation
Fair Rosy Beige
Fair Golden Foundation
Fair Golden
Fair Warm Foundation
Fair Warm
Light Cool Foundation
Light Cool
Light Neutral Foundation
Light Neutral
Light Rosy Beige Foundation
Light Rosy Beige
Light Golden Foundation
Light Golden
Light Warm Foundation
Light Warm
Medium Cool Foundation
Medium Cool
Medium Neutral Foundation
Medium Neutral
Medium Rosy Beige Foundation
Medium Rosy Beige
Medium Golden Foundation
Medium Golden
Medium Warm Foundation
Medium Warm
Tan Cool Foundation
Tan Cool
Tan Neutral Foundation
Tan Neutral
Tan Rosy Beige Foundation
Tan Rosy Beige
Tan Golden Foundation
Tan Golden
Tan Warm Foundation
Tan Warm
Deep Cool Foundation
Deep Cool
Deep Neutral Foundation
Deep Neutral
Deep Rosy Beige Foundation
Deep Rosy Beige
Deep Golden Foundation
Deep Golden
Deep Warm Foundation
Deep Warm