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"I can't even begin to praise this make-up as much as it deserves. I recieved 4 sample sizes 1 green concealer, 1 sahara eye shadow, 1 charcoal eye shadow and 1 light bronzer.

The green concealer is everything I've been looking for. I have some scars from blemishes and still get the odd blemish and when I put just a little bit of this on these spots it's like they vanish. Obviously they will never dissapear but it's extremely nice to know that during the time I'm wearing this I can feel confident that they are hidden.

The Sahara and charcoal eye shadows are beautiful on and last all day! What I love about them is that unlike other eye shadows I've tried, these one's don't cake into the crease throughout the day.

The bronzer, one word, AMAZING! I love having a little color during the winter months specially since I live in Canada where the winters are snowy, cold and dry. This bronzer has the most natural glow and makes me look like I have real sun-kissed skin, unlike other products which I've found can make people look a little orange and obvious that they're wearing something."

Lindsay Ball

"I am new to wearing makeup every day and I love how easy and wonderful EcoGlo is! On special days I will do the whole deal - I love how the makeup goes on easy and looks totally natural! I also love the mascara and lip gloss!! The mascara was a bit rough at first, because the tube is over-filled - so it glopped out for the first week, but I LOVE the way it goes on my lashes and it lasts all day for me. And the lip gloss is AWESOME! I just wish I hadn't lost my clear on this past week!"

Heidi Maxwell

"I tried the Mist eye color and I love it! I love how well it goes on and how pretty the color is. It also lasts all day."

Karen Ramirez

"I am new to wearing EcoGlo and I love it! I have very oily skin and I am loving the semi-matte finishing powder! The shine is now longer there! I don't have to continusally blot my face. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you EcoGlo! I can't wait to order more!"

Amanda Wyngaard

"I got the green concealer as a gift a couple months ago and love it. I don't wear much makeup but can't live without this corrector. I want to try the water color nail polishes!"

Sandi DeLoge

"I first started using EcoGlo last fall. The make-up wears well, lasts all day and looks great! It doesn't irritate my skin and I find my skin to be much less greasy at the end of the day. I don't ever plan to switch back to store brand make-ups. I also think the price is great!"

Summer Riley

"I first switched to mineral makeup because it is so much gentler on my skin, but with most brands I've had to mix 2 different foundations to get the right color for my face. I was so excited that EcoGlo has so many choices for foundation color! Not only is the makeup awesome and light, but it's awesome not having to mix my own shade every time I put my face on!"

Kimberly Lyons

"I live in Florida and the green concealer is something I literally HAVE to have on if I am going into public! I have sensitive skin and dark circles under my eyes, so the concealer helps me without being irritating. Of all the brands I have tried in the past that claimed to be hypoallergenic, none have compared to this!"

Cynthia DeMates

"Love love love these make up products. My most favorite is the correcting concealers they really make getting a perfected look easier. I love mineral make up and think I will be loving EcoGlo Minerals more and more as I use them Thanks so much.. The foundation really gives great coverage with minimal effort. And I haven't even gotten full size jars yet.. The sampler packages are wonderful for getting just the right color."

Audra Tanner

"EcoGlo Minerals is awesome for the fact that their product is wonderful, but they are local (salt lake city) and how cool is that! But #1, the products are all natural! So when I use EcoGlo, I know what I am putting on my face! THANK YOU ECOGLO!"

Traci Paoli

"I have the full sizes of foundation, semi-matte finishing powder and a blush. I love them all! I feel like I look natural and pretty and I love that it's all natural and safe for my baby when he's kissing my face. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone...especially moms!!"

Kari Barnes

"I love EcoGlo Minerals! Highly recommended for me! Haha, I don't want to share because I want to buy out all the lovely eco-friendly natural beauty & apply an amazing coverage on my models and work! Gorgeous colors & truly brilliant for the natural beauty gal!"

Timmie Fenty

"Love the green concealer for days when I've gotten a bit to much sun under my foundation it's the one must have i must have in the spring through fall in Florida"

Kimberly Jenkins