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Why Choose Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup has been around for decades quietly gaining recognition for its healing and beautifying properties, but only in the last few years has mineral makeup become a mainstream cosmetic solution for those seeking to leave synthetic and chemically laden make up items behind in pursuit of a cleaner and more natural alternative.

Mineral Makeup is Pure

Mineral makeup does not contain any synthetic ingredients. It is made only of minerals found naturally occurring on the earth. Many consider mineral makeup to be pure enough to sleep in at night as there is nothing irritating in the makeup to cause skin problems such as redness or breakouts after a good night’s sleep.

Mineral Makeup is Soothing

Mineral makeup is approved for use after chemical and laser peels. The intense cosmetic procedures leave the face a bit raw and irritated, and applying even concealer over the red skin will cause burning and itching from the chemicals it contains interacting with the exposed skin. Mineral makeup, however, is gentle enough to blend into the skin and help to conceal the less attractive side effects of the beautification process.

Mineral Makeup Doesn’t Age Skin

Many cosmetics seem to age skin more – if not literally though toxins and chemicals, than through appearances when power and foundation products pull down the winkles of the face and settle into the small lines making them appear much larger. Mineral makeup is light enough to dust the face rather than settling in. This helps faces of any age to appear more youthful and refined.

Mineral Makeup is a Natural Sunscreen

The two most prominent ingredients in mineral makeup, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, have natural UVA and UVB blocking properties. Therefore materials made from these products, which included mineral makeup have the same sun fighting properties. There is no longer any need to wear a greasy sunscreen product under your makeup. You can simply dust on your sunscreen at the same time you’re starting your morning makeup routine.

Mineral Makeup is Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Those with ongoing skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema all rely on mineral makeup products to help soothe flare-ups while looking fabulous at the same time. Not only does the mineral makeup block the damaging sun which can be hard on problematic skin, it also works to actually soothe and possibly heal the problem areas through a natural combination of the Earth’s minerals.

Mineral Makeup Has a Lightweight, Gorgeous Coverage

When applied, mineral makeup is known for its extremely lightweight yet very generous coverage. Dust powder on and you can’t feel it on your face. Even after a long day, mineral makeup stays put to continue providing you a refreshed, glowing look without the weight of a “full face of makeup” wearing you down.

Mineral Makeup Nourishes Skin

In addition to soothing and protecting your skin, mineral makeup often contains ingredients that can help to give you a full spa experience while nourishing your skin with many natural compounds and its pure composition. In fact, mineral makeup has been compared to a spa experience with many of the same ingredients used in both.